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Services that are different

Many of us are tired of the same consultancies or advice.

Learn about the triple bottom line

Environmental Wellbeing

Our products or services must be aligned with the responsibility we have with the environment.


Innovate products or services reducing the environmental impact.
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Innovate production processes to efficiently manage resources, reducing environmental impact.
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We create environmental awareness

Social Wellbeing

We have the power to generate change in society from our businesses.

Impact my community

Linking the business with the community.
Social impact.
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We are people
No Robots

Improvement of the internal environment.
Working safe.
Empowerment of the workforce.
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Banishing individualism

Bienestar Económico

The prosperity of our business is ensured through good management.

My strategy

Transform the essence of the business.
Strategy development.
Define objectives, goals and indicators.
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Process mapping.
Development of quality systems.
Industrial engineering.
Process digitization.
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We work with different methodologies

They are applicable to all our services for flexibility and customer needs.


We become your department of quality, innovation, environmental management or occupational health.


It works with annual contracts with a monthly fee, through a schedule for objectives agreed between the parties.

Method: monthly visits and virtual sessions to do documentation, training processes, team coordination, among others.

For whom it is?

Especially for companies that want to save social charges, that do not have the necessary professionals to carry out the work, that need to make improvements in the culture, that do not require the presence of the full-time professional and that can telework.


1 year minimum.


Cualquier idea relacionada a una necesidad la transformamos en un proyecto de innovación. Co-creamos estrategias en un ambiente flexible y creativo.


It works with contracts per project and with a payment to be agreed, through a schedule for objectives agreed between the parties.

Method: virtual and face-to-face coordination sessions, documentary work based on objectives and awareness-raising processes.

¿Para quienes?

Ideal for companies that have the human resources but want to be provided with support, to co-build the solution, to have tangible and quick results.


Less than 1 year.
(+506) 8330-9287
Alajuela, Monserrat, Costa Rica
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