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What is Yakukua?

Ya Kukua means in the Swahili language “to grow”.

We are a Costa Rican company that since 2016 transforms our clients to adapt to changes and be resilient, through multidisciplinary strategies. In the last year, we incorporated software development that allows business management in a creative way that is easy to adapt to needs. We formed alliances with other SMEs for social, environmental and economic development, trusting in the potential of people and business opportunities.
Our isotype contains the "Y" for Yakukua, but at the same time two growth paths are visualized that represents the diversification of businesses.


Generate innovation experiences to build a more inclusive, resilient and happy society.


To be a link between people, companies and communities where we can co-create high impact ideas in the world.

Creative people

We are a hub of multidisciplinary and creative people who in recent years have been monitoring the problems that occur in companies in different sectors, creating strategies to manage them.







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Small and medium businesses

Companies from multiple sectors

Who is Kuvu?

I am a representative of Yakukua, my name is “Kuvu” which in the Swahili language means “mushroom”. The presence of fungi in forests allows the interconnection of ecosystems through mycelium, it also helps plant decomposition and very importantly they are symbiotic organisms. I am in charge of measuring the impact of Yakukua through a point system.

Kuvu attributes:

  • Creativity
  • Optimism
  • Cooperation
  • Leadership
  • Adaptation
(+506) 8330-9287
Alajuela, Monserrat, Costa Rica
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