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What is Yakukua?

Ya Kukua means in the Swahili language "to grow."

We are a set of BIOMAS that seeks the growth of people and co-creation - transformation of the work environment, based on symbiotic relationships, adaptation to changes and the evolution of business structures to living and innovative configurations, which ensure for the integrity of the people, the environment and for the respect for rights and duties.


Generate experiences of innovation to build a more inclusive, resilient and happy society.


To be the guides in social innovation processes, through the symbiosis between businesses, processes and people.

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Who is Kuvu?

The mascot of the Yakukua brand is “Kuvu” which in the Swahili language means “fungus”. The presence of fungi in forests allows the interconnection of ecosystems through the mycelium, also helps plant decomposition and very important are symbiotic organisms.

Kuvu Attributes:

  • Optimism
  • Cooperation
  • Leadership
  • Adaptation

Our premises


Female empowerment

Respect for the environment

Respect for human rights

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