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Traveling towards 


A company is like a 
space ship

must travel through space and explore worlds to grow


has never been easy

we don't consider all the things necessary to fulfill our mission.

What can go wrong?

We launched without strategy into the business world. Out in space there are many dangers, we don't know if our ship will withstand the trip.

Sometimes we don't find what we wanted

We lose resources, emotional health and our direction

Be resilient

Yakukua guides people and companies to be resilient, reducing the mortality of SMEs.


Know my ability, my environment and the strengths of my team.


Unite team capabilities to create changes towards risk management through transformation.


Innovate our mission and vision to be resilient and transcend.

We provide multidisciplinary innovation

We integrate all these areas and more

Environmental management and occupational health

We create fun and easy-to-implement programs to improve the quality of life and the environment.

Calidad y mejora de procesos

Analysis and solution of problems in production or service flows

Technology and software

Digitization of the business through simple implementations and software with artificial intelligence.

Business management and strategy

We provide a comprehensive guide on managing a business's resources to grow it.

Nuestras simbiosis

Simbiosis puede referirse a sociedades y grupos basados en la colectividad y la solidaridad.
(+506) 8330-9287
Alajuela, Monserrat, Costa Rica
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