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Every business is a world.

We create innovation processes that allow well-being in 3 axes.

Environmental well-being

Social Welfare

Economic wellness

For a better world

The triple utility connects

Environmental well-being

Look for a better quality of life.
Be responsible with the environment.
Reduce the impact.
Consciousness of consumption
Natural resources management.
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Social Welfare

Empower my partners.
Be happy working.
We are people not robots.
We can create impact in our community.
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Economic wellness

Operational improvements
Reduce costs.
Have a good commercial image.
Be profitable
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Our projects

Through the projects we create community and also generate an impact on the world.
Women's empowerment program in rural areas
It allows to look for authentic experiences in the communities.
Responsible development for assessment centers.
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WE FORGE your business ideas

You can get better benefits by working with Yakukua.
Bëkuö is a sub-brand of Yakukua that allows forging business ideas through the mix of technology and art.

Our symbiosis

Symbiosis can refer to societies and groups based on collectivity and solidarity.
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